Zsmart International Limited was founded in the year 2019. While the founder has more than 10 years experience on phones.  That brings so much benefit to the quality and resources collections. So the company grew rapidly.  

         Zsmart mainly on the business of refurbished iphones&Samsung. Its technicians all have more than 10 years experience in phone repairing and assembling.  This is a great guarantee of quality.  Meanwhile, it built up restrict process of quality control, by not buying the repaired mainboard, using the best parts, having 5 times of tests during the whole process…  While it price is much lower than many other big companies in this field.

        Zsmart now has customers from EU and US … It has 200pcs weekly productivity of refurbished phones. And with the recovering of covid 19 situation, it is targeting to grow to 500pcs weekly productivity in 2022.   It’s looking forward to connecting with more customers… 

        Motto: To be your prior refurbished phone supplier!